Advice for Guides

Your role is to support the learners and help create a good learning environment.

  • Give answers that are appropriate for the stage of learning.
  • Ask if people want more detail before infodumping or editorializing.
  • Speak from your experience. Do not use the Voice of Authority.
  • Assume learners are capable, but inexperienced.
  • Stay out of the way! If you are tempted to type on a learner’s keyboard, you are in danger! They should do their own typing, and drive their own machines.
  • Help learners break down tasks into repeatable, understandable parts.
  • Look for opportunities to empower the learners.
  • Learners should be talking more than you are.
  • Make room for the voices of all learners. Make space for quieter people to speak.

Safer Space

PyStar is a Safer Space. PyStar is a Learning Space.

  • All women are welcome, including trans women.
  • Speak from your own experiences.
  • Don’t assume race, gender, identity or history of others.
    • Use preferred pronouns and names.
    • Respect people’s right to self-identify.
    • Don’t assume shared experience, belief, or history.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Mistakes happen, and we can work through them.
  • Everyone has things to contribute.
  • Good coversations involve multiple voices.
  • Make space for quiet voices to speak.
  • Learners have different desires and needs.