What is gedit?

gedit is a cross-platform, syntax-highlighting text editor.

Why do I need gedit?

To write your code in! Word is a fine program, but it is not a text editor.

Get gedit!

  • Gedit’s main site: . Download links are in the upper right corner.
  • (alternate) copy the installer from the Group Guide memory stick.



Gedit is probably installed on your machine already.

Verify It Works!

After installing, start gedit up by clicking on its icon, typing gedit from your cli or the like.

Suggested configuration:

In the preferences window

  • view, turn on:

    • display line numbers
    • display right margin
    • highlight matching bracket
    • highlight current line
    • syntax-highlighting: Highlight Mode -> Scripts -> Python
  • editor:

    • change tab with to 4
    • check the box to insert spaces instead of tabs
  • font & colors:

    • choose a good monospace editor font
    • choose a color scheme (Gregg likes Cobalt)
  • plugins

    • checkupdate
    • code comment
    • drawspaces
    • filebrowser
    • indentlines
    • python console

Once you are satified, restart gedit. If it looks similar to the screenshot below, you are done!